Delicious and Trending Butter Boards Recipe for Food Lovers

Assorted cheeses A selection of cured meats Various fresh and dried fruits Nuts Crackers and baguette slices Fresh herbs (rosemary and thyme) Olives and pickles Honey and mustard for drizzling Butter (for the butter board)


STEP - 1

Begin by choosing a large wooden or marble serving board as your base for the charcuterie.

STEP - 2

Place a generous portion of soft, room-temperature butter on one corner of the board.

STEP - 3

Arrange various cheese types around the butter, ensuring you have a mix of textures and flavors. Leave some space between each cheese.

STEP - 4

Place slices of cured meats in between the cheeses. Fold or roll them for an attractive presentation.

STEP - 5

Scatter fresh fruits like grapes and apple slices throughout the board. This adds a refreshing contrast.

STEP - 6

Sprinkle dried fruits such as figs and apricots around the board. Fill in gaps with a mix of nuts.

STEP - 7

Add crackers and baguette slices in different sections of the board. Ensure they're easily accessible.

STEP - 8

Tuck sprigs of fresh rosemary and thyme between the elements to infuse aroma and color.

STEP - 9

Place small bowls or piles of olives and pickles in one corner of the board.

STEP - 10

Drizzle honey over the cheeses and add a dollop of mustard for a sweet and tangy contrast.

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