Discover the Delightful Varieties of Momos

Steamed mix veggies momos

Steamed veg momos are the foundation for all momo variations. They are fluffy, saucy, and perfect with spicy garlic chutney. The dough is stuffed with mixed veggies, pleated, and sealed to create these delicious dumplings.

Spinach momos or green momos

Go green with healthy spinach momos! These vibrant dumplings are a nutritious alternative to street food. Simply blend spinach into a paste, knead it into the dough, and proceed with making momos as usual.

Cheesy momos

Calling all cheese lovers! Delight in cheesy dumplings filled with melted mozzarella. Customize with corn or mushrooms. Steam, top with cheese, oregano, and chili flakes for a pizza-like treat.

Mushroom momos

Teens love mushroom momos! With their affinity for garlic mushroom soup and chili mushrooms, it's no wonder they enjoy these dumplings. Filled with mushrooms and onions, they're a trendy choice for young food enthusiasts.

Soup and dumplings

Savor soupy momos in flavorful broth! Add spicy chutney for bliss. Mix and match momo types for a delightful treat. Pure craving satisfaction!

Paneer momos

Elevate momos with paneer! A fantastic and delicious addition. Paneer momos are a nutrient-rich delight. Enjoy the goodness!

Chocolate Momos

For those who love desserts and momos, here is something for you. This is a special dish for dessert lovers.  The stuffing of these chocolate momos include various chocolates similar to chocolate cookies.

Tandoori Momos

Embrace your "Desiness" with beloved Indian Momos! These flavorful dumplings, soaked in rich gravy, are a cherished favorite. Experience the robust taste that will leave you longing for more.

Jhol Momos

Experience the delight of Jhol Momos! These dumplings are immersed in a heavenly sauce, Jhol Achar, known for its hot, spicy, and tangy flavors. With a luscious, thin coating, it's a winter delicacy celebrated in the Kathmandu Valley.

Which one is you favorite types of  momo?