Explore Mind-Boggling Korean Fruits

The irresistible flavor of Korean fruits always leaves craving for more. Don't miss the chance to taste these delicious fruits, and I hope you found this story informative about them.

Yuzu – Yuja

Yuzu is a hybrid of Ichang Papeda and Mandarin Orange, offering a distinctive citrus taste. Don't miss it if you love unique citrus flavors.


This hybrid fruit combines Ponkan and Kiyomi, and its irresistible sweetness is hard to resist.


Sweet and less tart than regular oranges, this citrus fruit belongs to the orange family.


Often referred to as "Korean mango," this fruit's flavor resembles the taste of honey.


Also called "Korean bramble," this fruit is tart but offers sweetness and tanginess in ripe berries.

Kyoho Grapes

When visiting Korea, Kyoho grapes are a must-try for most tourists. Their slightly sour taste will leave a lasting impression on your mind.