Fennel Tea Recipe for a Healthy Lifestyle

Fennel benifits

1. Fennel offers nutritious bulb and seeds for dual health benefits. 2. Improves heart health, enhancing overall well-being. 3. Reduces inflammation, supporting a healthier body and alleviating discomfort. 4. Suppresses appetite, aiding in managing food intake. 5. Potential anticancer effects, promising health-enhancing ingredient.


– 1 tbsp Crushed fennel seeds  – 1-2 cups Water – ½ tsp Honey – ½ tsp Crushed ginger – Mint leaves optional – Fennel seeds flavoured         essence

Step - 1

Heat the water in a pot and, once it starts boiling, Add the crushed fennel seeds.

Step -2

Add crushed ginger and allow the water to simmer over a medium to low flame until it condenses to a single cup.

Step -3

Switch off the stove and strain the fennel tea into a cup.

Step -4

Enhance the fennel tea's flavor by incorporating honey, mint leaves, and the essence infused with the taste of fennel seeds.

Step -5

Stir thoroughly and present the fennel tea while it's steaming hot.

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