Is potato milk a new daily alternative?

Potato milk is made by heating and boiling the potatoes in water and then emulsifying it with rapeseed oil and other foods for calcium, pea proteins and chicory fibre. It is then fortified industrially with different vitamins and minerals,” Aggarwal shared.

How Made Potato Milk

Potatoes are extensively cultivated worldwide and prove to be a more cost-effective crop compared to cashews and other commodities.


When it comes to producing milk, potatoes require significantly fewer resources than any other type of milk.

A Resource-Efficient

Regarding health benefits, potato milk proves to be a potent provider of essential nutrients for the human body, including B12 and vitamin D.

Nutritional Benefits

Potato milk boasts elevated levels of vitamins E, A, C, D, and K, along with abundant calcium and iron, placing it on par with conventional dairy milk in terms of nutritional content.

Vitamins Benefits

With its abundant calcium content, potato milk has emerged as the favored dairy substitute for health-conscious consumers seeking an alternative to traditional milk products

Preferred Calcium

Potato milk is a healthy and versatile dairy-free option that's easy to make at home. It's nutritious, has a neutral taste, and can be used in various recipes. Enjoy it as a delicious and sustainable alternative in your diet!

In short,

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