7 Recipes Inspired by

Recall Ross's famous "moist-maker" sandwich with Thanksgiving leftovers? Our Holiday Stromboli echoes this, packing mashed potatoes, turkey, stuffing, and cranberry sauce.

Turkey Sandwich

Rachel's Thanksgiving mishap combines trifle and shepherd’s pie. In tribute to her funny blunder, enjoy this recipe for individual berries and cream trifles.

Rachel’s Trifle

Phoebe thought her grandma's cookie recipe was from "Nestle Toulouse," but it's the standard chip bag recipe. Next time, try our ultimate chocolate chip cookies.

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chandler's Thanksgiving trauma bred holiday aversion. In a flashback, Monica serves mac and cheese, as "pilgrims didn't eat it," which he agrees to. This recipe suits picky eaters at home too.

Mac & Cheese

Ross, Chandler, and Joey go on a ride-along with Phoebe and her cop boyfriend, Gary. At the sound of a car backfiring, Joey instinctively shields his meatball sandwich, mistaking it for a gunshot.

Meatball Sub

Break-ups are tough, so when Monica and Richard split, she finds comfort in making jam. Eventually, her focus shifts to wanting a baby.

Monica's Jam

Monica is tasked with using mockolate—a synthetic chocolate substitute—for Thanksgiving. Yet, its crumbly, bubbly, and unsafe qualities clash with the group.


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