blue virgin mojito

Refreshing Blue Virgin Mojito Recipe for Your Next Party

When summer is in full swing! My hunt for a non-alcoholic beverage to relieve my thirst leads me to this exquisite fresh Blue Virgin Mojito combination.

Let’s get started!

Create this recipe using just four simple ingredients.

1. 4-5 Ice Cubes

2. 15 ml  Blue curaçao syrup

3. 30 ml Lemon juice

4. Sprite

Ice Cubes:


use regular ice cubes, but you may also use crushed ice, ice in the shape of a spherical, ice in the shape of pebbles, etc.

Blue curaçao syrup


As it's a mocktail, we'll skip the blue curaçao and use a blue-colored, lemon and orange-flavored sugar syrup instead.

Lime Juice


Lime juice can be used as a substitute. Use freshly squeezed ingredients for maximum flavor impact due to the few components involved.



We will be utilizing sprite in place of the lemonade that is required to make a blue virgin mojito. This mocktail would be very sugary if lemonade were used!

Don't hesitate any longer! Take the opportunity to try it out at your upcoming party without delay.

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