Refreshing Fizzy Kombucha Tea Recipe to Try Today

What is Kombucha Tea? 

Kombucha has friendly bacteria that are good for your health. Some evidence suggests that it can benefit your gut, mental health, lower infection risk, and support your liver. So, it's good to include kombucha in your diet!


3-4 cups Water 1 cup Sugar table sugar or brown sugar 5-6 tbsp Green tea or caffeinated tea or black tea 2 cups Unflavored kombucha 1 Scoby 1-2 cups Chopped fruits 2-3 tsp Herbs or spices 1-2 cups Fruit juice

STEP - 1

Place cold water in a pan and incorporate sugar. Once the water comes to a boil, allow it to continue boiling for a few minutes.

STEP - 2

Remove the pan from the heat source, introduce either green or caffeinated tea, and stir thoroughly to ensure complete dissolution of both the sugar and tea.

STEP - 3

Allow the tea to steep for 15-20 minutes, then verify its temperature. Once the tea reaches a cool or lukewarm state, add kombucha promptly. Transfer the prepared tea into a wide-mouth glass container. Optionally, you may add half a cup of water at this stage and mix thoroughly.

STEP - 4

Now, add SCOBY to the container. Cover the container with a double-layered muslin cloth, and use a rubber band to keep it secure.

STEP - 5

After 7 days of fermentation, remove the jar, pour the tea into a different container, and dispose of the kombucha or SCOBY at the bottom.

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