Tips to eat white rice and still lose weight

Buddy or enemy?

For a considerable time, there has been a common belief that consuming white rice can lead to weight gain and is strongly discouraged for individuals trying to lose weight.

Rice - weight gain

White rice, being a source of carbohydrates and starch, can lead to water retention and, consequently, weight gain.

A staple 

Rice is a staple worldwide, often linked to weight gain, but it can be beneficial if eaten wisely.

Preparation Method

To aid weight loss, opt for boiled or steamed rice instead of indulging in rice dishes like kheer or fried rice.

Smaller portions

When it comes to rice, a general guideline is to be twice as cautious about portion sizes due to its high calorie and carb content.

Avoid fatty food

Combining white rice with a source of fats is not recommended since the high-calorie content of the carb can amplify with fats, potentially leading to weight gain.

Avoid use with Carb

Avoid combining white rice with carbs; opt for protein, vegetables, or healthy fats for a balanced meal.

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