Traditional Indian Thalis you must try!

Bhojpuri Thali


The traditional Bhojpuri thali is a direct reflection of Bihar's culture. The tangy combination of the delicate and spicy flavours of the dish stimulates the taste buds to their peak level.

Sikkimese Thali


Sikkim being the only state with a Nepali ethnic majority, there is often a strong impact of Nepali food on Sikkimese cuisine. However, the Sikkimese thali is delicious.


Kerala Thali, a culinary delight, boasts an abundance of aromatic spices from its rich trading history and plentiful coconuts from the coastal regions, creating a symphony of flavors on a banana leaf platter. A true representation of Kerala's gastronomic heritage.

Maharastrian Thali


The Indian thali offers a perfect harmony between vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes, as well as a seamless blend of spices and herbs. When it comes to the authentic Maharashtrian traditional thali, its scrumptious flavors are truly exceptional.

Goan Thali


With Goa's inherent charm of surprises and tranquility, the Goan Thali becomes an absolute treat for food enthusiasts, offering a delightful culinary experience.

Gujarati Thali


Famously recognized as Kathiawadi Thali, this Indian platter predominantly features vegetables cooked with aromatic spices, exuding a delightful and distinct flavor.

Bengali Thali


Bengalees have an inseparable bond with food, and the diverse culinary offerings, infused with sweet, tangy, and spicy flavors, leave a lasting impression, leaving anyone craving for more.

Rajasthani Thali


Rajasthan, renowned for its heritage and majestic history, presents a lavish thali that reflects the opulence of its culture. The colorful Indian platter features ghee-drenched round Bati, accompanied by Panchkuti Dal and delightful Churma, also known as Dal Bati Churma.

Kannadi Oota


Famously known as Karnataka Thali, this platter offers an explosion of flavors that kickstart the taste buds. With striking resemblances to dishes from southern India, the traditional Karnataka Thali is served on a banana leaf, adding to its authentic charm.

Alohir Eraj


The Assamese thali, also recognized as the Assamese thali, is a delightful and exceptional culinary experience. Its unique appeal lies in the creative use of unusual and flavorful herbs, along with a perfect balance of spices, setting it apart from other Indian thalis found in various states.

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