Different Types of 


A commis chef is a beginner who assists experienced chefs, helping with cooking, cleanliness, and providing support in busy workstations.

1. Commis Chef

A pantry chef handles fridge supplies and cold dish preparation, mainly in larger restaurants with multiple storage areas. They ensure freshness and monitor stock levels.

2. Pantry Chef

A chef-owner initiates and possesses their restaurant, concentrating on business tasks like establishment and operational oversight.

3. Chef-Owner

A head chef could be the same as an executive chef, based on restaurant hierarchy. They supervise the kitchen, handle inventory, order supplies, and train new staff.

4. Head Chef

A sous chef is the kitchen's second-in-command. They collaborate with the head chef, overseeing orders and aligning with the restaurant's vision.

5. Sous Chef

The executive chef, reached through years of experience and education, leads the kitchen, overseeing all tasks and ensuring efficient performance from chefs and cooks.

6. Executive Chef

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