Pandan Drink, Experience Refreshing Flavors of Thailand

Use of Pandan Leaves

In Thailand, they're popular for adding a pleasant aroma to rice and steamed dishes. Crushed and blended, pandan leaves yield a deep green natural food coloring. They're also used for natural air freshening and as wraps for cooking, deterring cockroaches.


40 Pandan Leaves 16 Cups Of Water 1 Cup Of BrownSugar Or Honey  Ice

STEP - 1

In a pot of moderate size, put in water and heat it until it reaches a boiling point.

STEP - 2

The pandan leaves need to be sliced into smaller segments, each measuring around 2 to 3 inches in length.

STEP - 3

Allow it to boil for a duration of 5 minutes, then utilize a fine strainer to separate the liquid. Dispose of the pandan leaves afterwards.

STEP - 4

Add brown crystalline sugar and stir thoroughly until it dissolves. Honey can also serve as a viable substitute for making pandan drink.

STEP - 5

Let it cool down before transferring it into a glass jar. Proceed to refrigerate the mixture for a period of time.

STEP - 6

Finally, pour the mixture into the serving glasses and place a few ice cubes in each glass. Serve promptly!

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