Does Ice Cream Cause Cold? All You Need to Know

Does Ice Cream Cause Cold?

Quick Summary: We often see people enjoying ice creams, but many of them claim to have a question “Does ice cream cause cold?”. They say it worsens the symptoms of cold. Is there any truth in it, or is it merely a myth? In this article, we’ll assess all the hidden facts about whether ice cream causes a cold or it’s nothing but a myth. Let’s explore!

Not only children but also adults oftentimes prefer to enjoy ice creams wherever they go outside or while sitting at their homes. Ice creams are available in a variety of types and flavors that children as well as adults love to test.

Ice cream can be available at an affordable price, too, so there’s no limitation when someone thinks to enjoy it. But, the question is, are there any side effects of eating ice cream? Specifically, can eating ice cream cause a cold?

Ice creams are assumed to invoke common symptoms of cold, especially in children so they are strictly restricted from eating ice creams. Through this guide, we’re going to navigate you through a complete assessment of whether eating ice cream causes a cold or not.

Let’s dig deeper!

Before digging deeper, let’s get started from the basics first, exploring the facts about how ice creams cool down your body!

The Facts About Ice Creams Cooling Down Your Body

When the scorching heat of summer bears down upon us, there are a few things that seem to be pleasing, and one of them is getting immersed in a test of the scoop of our favorite ice cream.

Right from a creamy texture to the availability of a multitude of flavors, ice creams have always been a loving treat for people of all ages. Most of us believe that eating ice cream can cool down our bodies in a heartbeat.

People believe this way, however, let’s explore the truth about this notion by assessing the facts, and the actual ingredients of ice creams cooling down your body.

Ingredients, Causing Cooling Sensation

As soon as we take ice cream, we start experiencing a kind of cooking sensation. You might be thinking what caused this to happen, right? This happens just because of the extremely cold temperature of the ice creams.

As the ice cream touches the warm surface of your throat and mouth, the heat of the body gets transferred to the ice cream, offering us a kind of experience of cooling effects. However, this is a temporary sensation and does not affect the whole body.

Does Ice Cream Actually Cause Cold?

Now that we’ve assessed the basics, it’s time to move further and come to our key discussion point where we’re to analyze whether eating ice cream causes colds. Most of us have the question “Why do I get cold after eating ice cream?”, so we’ll try to answer that.

I do, and you, too, may remember the childhood when mothers would prevent us from eating ice creams otherwise we would get sick. It’s not a matter of discussion whether you obeyed their suggestions or not, but whether there was any truth in it. Let’s explore!

The Science Behind Cold

To reach the answer to the question, “Does ice cream cause cold?”, we should first unleash the factors causing the general cold. You should know that a cold initiates a cold virus.

The virus is more likely to spread via physical contact with another person already affected by the cold, or through contaminated stuff of someone with a cold. It may spread through air droplets from a person affected by a cold who has sneezed, coughed, or talked.

When the cold virus passes from one person to another, there are increased possibilities that the next person will get affected by the cold or get sick. The common symptoms of a cold include a sore throat, blocked and runny nose, and body and headaches.

Will Eating Ice Cream Worsen a Cold?

Seeing the science behind cold, the answer to the question “Will eating ice cream worsen a cold” is a big no. Yes, you’ve heard that right. Even nutritionists state that the question is nothing but utterly a myth, and it depends upon an individual’s metabolism and its nature.

Several studies have stated that no ice cream increases the chances of you catching a cold. If you catch a cold, it can only be triggered by a virus spread. Anyone can only catch a cold when they get a closure contract from someone holding a cold.

Unless or until you share ice cream with someone affected by a cold, you can be sure of no chance of your getting a cold. There’s no evidence stating that you can catch a cold only by eating ice cream itself. So, the answer to the question is a big no.

Can The Decreased Temperature by Eating Ice Cream Cause a Cold?

It’s another argument. Yes, you can find many people arguing “Yes, I agree with the thought that eating ice cream doesn’t cause a cold but how can you deny the fact that eating ice cream decreases the temperature, and it may worsen the cold?”.

The answer to this question is that simply eating ice cream, drinking cold drinks, or any other dish have never seemed to be affecting anyone with any symptoms of cold. They never cause any effect on anyone’s body temperature. Hence, can’t worsen it.

Even when you’re experiencing a cold and have ice cream, this doesn’t trigger the cold to spread in your body. Do bear in mind the fact that you can only get a cold when you get in close connection with a person who has already caught a cold or any symptom of the virus.

Final Thoughts

That’s all there’s to it! No doubt, eating ice cream can be a source of momentary respite from scorching summer, it can be a remedy or a cause to cool down your body in the actual sense. As the mercury rises higher, you should opt for a suitable, appropriate, and balanced approach to beat the heat.

For that to be possible, you can have a scoop of ice cream or any other stuff of your choice. Don’t forget to remember that there’s no side effect of having ice cream on worsening your cold. So, enjoy it whenever you get the chance.

Hopefully, you’ve got the answer to your question “Does ice cream cause colds”, in case you’ve any questions unanswered, consider looking at the FAQs below!


Can you eat ice cream when you have a runny nose?

Yes, of course, you can eat ice cream when you have a runny nose—as it won’t worsen your cold.

Does ice cream cause a throat infection?

Eating ice cream with a sore throat is OK.

Does ice cream cause fever?

Eating or drinking hot foods or cold may affect the temperature of your mouth, however, it’ll in no way affect your overall body.

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