Does Maggi Cause Cancer?: Everything You Need to Know

Does Maggi Cause Cancer?

Quick Summary: “2-minute Maggi”, right? The name is familiar to most people, and if you’re a Maggi lover, it may not need any introduction. But, as Maggi has been through some controversy, regarding its safety, people have raised the question “can maggi cause cancer” many times. But, fret not! This article answers this question in detail. 

Most people, especially those who love fast food, are more likely to be familiar with the popular instant noodle brand Maggi. The brand also names it “2-minute Maggi. (something that can be prepared in just a matter of two minutes). Seems amazing right?

It feels quite interesting when you can prepare your preferred food in just a heartbeat. But, what if the brand suffers through controversy? Yes, it’s been in controversy for quite a long time and people have the question can maggi cause cancer?

But, you needn’t worry about it–as we’ve come up with the appropriate answer to this question. Through this guide, we’re going to navigate you through a complete guide answering the question “Does Maggi cause cancer?”

Let’s explore!

Can Maggi Cause Cancer? : A Complete Analysis

After a bit of introduction, let’s explore the question “Can Maggi cause cancer” in various terms to end up with an appropriate answer to the effect of maggi in the body!

Why Do People Link Maggi With Cancer?

Following are some of the reasons why people associate Maggi with cancer:

  • Controversies And Studies— Because it contains certain chemicals like monosodium glutamate (MSG), and other food additives, Maggi has faced controversies. Studies suggest these additives can lead to potential concerns of cancer. 
  • Media Report’s Impact— Several media reports along with the social media discussions regarding the potential risk of Maggi have immensely influenced people’s perception about its association with cancer issues. 
  • High Sodium Content— Maggi has high sodium content the consumption of which excessively can contribute to high blood pressure and heart disease. Long-lasting conditions of such conditions can increase the risk of cancer.
  • Lack of Nutrients— Maggi is considered to be a processed food lacking needed nutrients. Continuous consumption of such food without a rich diet, vegetables, and whole grains may decrease the level of nutrients in the body, increasing the risk of cancer. 
  • Processing And Preservatives— Maggi goes through processing and contains preservatives aiming to avoid decay and improve shelf life. Preservatives like nitrates and nitrites are linked to the risk of cancer when consumed in heavy amounts.

Note: It is a fact to bear in mind that even though these concerns exist, the scientific evidence between Maggi and cancer seems to be limited. One should always be aware of one’s processed food intake, and see a health professional when one needs any personalized advice. 

Ingredients Of Maggi Can Increase Cancer Risk 

There’s no conclusive evidence linking the ingredients of Maggi to the risk of cancer, however, certain additives have raised concerns about it. There may be some ingredients in Maggi that can be the cause of potential risk of cancer are as follows: 

Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) 

MSG is used as a flavor enhancer that has been a matter of controversy just because of its potential to trigger serious reactions in sensitive individuals. Even though it has these potentials, there’s no direct evidence that links MSG to cancer. 

Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) 

The formation of PAHs is associated with the process of cooking and processing foods at higher temperatures, for instance, frying or stir-frying noodles. Several studies have suggested that there’s a connection between increased levels of PAHs and a higher risk of cancer. 

Nevertheless, the specific level of PAHs in Maggi and its potential to affect health issues may differ. 

Artificial Food Colors: 

Maggi noodles are more likely to contain artificial food colours like tartrazine (Yellow No. 5), which can also be a cause of allergic reactions and, in some cases, can cause carcinogenic effects. Excessive use of it can cause health issues, however, regulatory bodies limit their uses in food products. 

Sodium Nitrite: 

Sodium Nitrate is used as a colorant and preservative in Maggi products that can be a cause of the formation of nitrosamines that are potential carcinogens. Since it can cause health issues, the use limit of sodium nitrite in food products is controlled to be used in limits.

Trans Fats: 

Maggi noodles are likely to contain partially hydrogenated oils that can potentially contribute to the availability of trans fats. Trans fats are linked to the risk of heart disease and certain types of cancer. However, most countries limit the use of trans fats in food items.


Starchy foods like Maggi noodles, when cooked at excessive temperatures, can lead to the formation of acrylamide. Increased levels of acrylamide are linked to cancer in animal studies. However, it can cause cancer in animals, and the evidence of acrylamide causing cancer in humans is limited. 

Note:  It is necessary to keep the fact in mind that the presence of the ingredients above mentioned in Maggi doesn’t mean consuming Maggi can cause cancer. The risk of the consumption of these ingredients depends on a variety of factors like consumption limit, an individual’s potential, and the like. 

Food Standards & Safety Regulations

Food standards and safety regulations ensure that the food people consume is safe. Food products like Maggi undergo several stringent tests to meet these standards and avoid the effect of maggi in the body. 

Regulatory bodies such as the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) in Europe, and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the United States analyze the food product’s safety as per scientific evidence. 

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Can Maggi Cause Cancer?

Several reports raise the potential concerns relating to the possible carcinogens in some food products, however, the regulatory bodies check samples of food products and make sure they are safe to consume. The availability of some additives, if consumed excessively, can cause health issues like cancer. 

To mitigate the risk of health issues, you should consume Maggi and other such products within the limit. Besides, maintaining a balanced diet with appropriate unprocessed ingredients is essential. However, it contains some ingredients, so consuming products like Maggi, in limit, won’t cause cancer. 

You may have got the answer to your question “can maggi cause cancer?” However, if you still have some questions unanswered, consider having a glance at the FAQs below!


Can I eat Maggi once a week?

It is ok to eat Maggi once or twice a week, however, eating it excessively, can cause health issues.

Is Maggi safe now?

Food standards authorities in different countries like the UK, USA, Australia, Singapore, and the like have tested, and found that Maggi made in India is safe for consumption.

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