Green Coffee V/s Green Tea: Which One Is The Right Drink For You?

Green Coffee Vs Green Tea

We all like to consume green beverages, isn’t it? I personally am a big fan of green drinks, be it green coffee or green tea. And you know what, both of them have gained huge popularity in recent years as they both are considered to be healthy for our system! In fact, green coffee or green tea has become a part of every individual’s daily life but how do you find the best one for yourself?

It becomes quite difficult to choose one but by having a deep understanding of both the green beverages, you will be able to find out which one is the most suitable for yourself. So, let’s begin this journey of discovering a suitable beverage for yourself!

What Is Green Coffee And How Is It Beneficial For You?

Green coffee is made using green coffee beans and these are just like any regular coffee beans. The main difference here is that green coffee beans utilized are unroasted! As they are unroasted, the presence of chlorogenic acid helps in boosting your metabolism and regulates blood sugar levels. It has a lot of health benefits to offer!

Different studies have concluded that chlorogenic acid has different types of properties such as anti-diabetic, anti-inflammatory, anti-carcinogenic, anti-obesity, etc., which tend to improve overall health. However, green coffee and green tea, both of them are generally taken to promote weight loss and prevent different health issues.

Some of the health benefits are that it is rich in antioxidants and has anti-ageing properties, helps to make your skin & hair healthy, detoxifies your body, enhances memory skills in aged people if it is consumed for a longer period of time and lastly, it helps in decreasing high blood pressure.

What Exactly Is Green Tea And How It Can Be Beneficial For You?

Green tea originates from the plant named “Camellia Sinensis” and its preparation process does not include the fermentation method. At high temperatures, the leaves are steamed which enhances the polyphenol compound present in it! This particular element is anti-inflammatory and reduces swelling in the human body.

Green tea is also fully packed with antioxidants, catechins and phytochemical compounds that improve the functioning of the brain and help to combat different health conditions. Similar to green coffee, green tea also helps in boosting your metabolism and weight loss.

But, there are specific health diseases where green tea is more effective than free coffee such as it prevents inflammation & cell damage, improves bone & heart health, decreases the threat of stroke, improves overall oral health and can even slow down the damage caused by Parkinson’s & Alzheimer’s disease.

What Is The Caffeine Content In Green Coffee And Green Tea?

Talking about green coffee and green tea, how can we not talk about their caffeine content? Yes, it is one of the most important factors that needs to be considered! So, when compared to green tea, green coffee has a higher amount of caffeine which is approximately 100 mg.

Also, a green coffee capsule contains caffeine of about 20 to 50 mg. However, decaffeinated green coffee capsules are also available in the market. Moreover, some of the brands offering green coffee come with low content of caffeine and are completely organic.

On the one hand, when it comes to a 250 ml cup of green tea, it contains 35g caffeine. But in green teas, caffeine content might vary depending on the types of plant and the growing situations.

Both of them have caffeine in them and it is suggested to be consumed in moderation in order to prevent side effects. However, green tea is proven to be a good option if you want to drink something before going to bed.

Green Coffee V/s Green Tea, Which is Best For Weight Loss?

Green coffee and green tea are often associated with promoting weight loss. The properties of green tea like anti-inflammatory and antioxidants make it a suitable drink for weight loss but over the past few years, green coffee has also emerged as a weight loss beverage. Different studies have come up with the result that green coffee beans are more effective when it comes to losing weight.

If you consume green coffee on a regular basis, then it can help you to accelerate your weight loss process. The presence of chlorogenic acid in green coffee is one of the main elements that helps boost the overall health of your body and promotes weight loss.

Well, but it’s not like that green tea is not good at all for weight loss! A compound named “catechins” present in green tea can help in reducing your waistline, burn fat and reduce BMI (body mass index).

However, both the drinks are favourable for weight loss compounds and these two can be used for better management of weight loss!

Does Green Coffee & Green Tea Have Different Tastes?

Yes! As both of them have different properties, their tastes also differ from each other. Green coffee tastes mild and leaves an herbal kind of taste on your tongue. It does not have a bitter taste similar to green tea and it can be enjoyed perfectly!

While green tea is actually developed from oxidized tea leaves and leaves a bitter taste. However, you will find the taste of green tea not delectable and it is quite bitter! It is highly consumed by people around the world for its amazing health properties.


Green coffee and green tea are rich in antioxidants which are highly beneficial for the human body and therefore, it becomes really difficult to say that one is better than the other! However, it’s completely fine to infuse the two beverages in your daily diet to receive the health benefits of choosing one of them on the basis of the health benefits, caffeine content, taste and much more. It depends on you which one to choose!


Is It Okay To Drink Green Coffee And Green Tea Together?

Green coffee as well as green tea, both of them are not caffeine-free and it is an element that helps to boost your energy & focus. Also, they help in increasing your metabolism. Therefore, it won’t make any difference if you have both of them together. But there’s no problem in having them together.

Is Green Coffee Much Better Than Green Tea?

This is a quite debatable subject and various studies have come up with different outcomes regarding both drinks. But the thing is that they both are good at their own place. But they contain zero to low calories and offer superb health benefits.

What Should I Drink For Weight Loss, Green Coffee & Green Tea?

As per a few studies, green coffee and green tea are helpful in various ways and both of them can help you in your weight loss journey. But if a comparison is drawn between both of them, green tea is much better when it comes to health benefits.

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