Can We Drink Tea After Eating Fish?

is it okay to drink tea after eating fish

India is a country where “tea” is the first thing that people like to have in the morning and then it is also enjoyed in the evening time. Tea is one of the most beloved & celebrated beverages in the country and people can’t even imagine continuing with their daily lives without sipping a hot cup of tea!

Similarly, Indians love to eat fish and it is one of the most cherished as well as delectable seafood for the people! Tea and fish, both of them are loved by Indians as they are full of flavours, have their own unique aroma and offer health benefits that are superb!

But the question is — does both of them go hand in hand or not? I mean to say that people often get confused about whether they can consume Tea after having fish or not! This is actually confusing because what if it puts our digestive system out of order? A lot of people ask this question if they can have tea while they are having fish or even afterwards!

What Is Common Belief About Drink Tea After Eating Fish?

In India and South Asian Countries, it is believed that it is quite safe and okay to have a cup of Assam Tea after eating fish. Some people believe that this particular insight is made on the basis of scientific research. On the other hand, some of them believe that it is nothing but a myth!

However, it is quite common to drink tea after eating a regular meal or meal that includes fish in India and South Asian Countries, but it is not recommended to do so! There is an ancient belief in such countries that states that milk should be strictly avoided after eating fish. And this particular belief comes from the world of Ayurveda, which says that doing so can result in heartburn.

On top of that, drinking milk or any food item that has milk in it after 2 hours of consuming fish can lead to skin pigmentation. However, keeping the myth aside for a moment, it is said that drinking milk or Darjeeling Tea of the best quality in India after eating fish is completely safe and doesn’t cause any side effects in the human body.

What Does Ayurveda Have To Say About Drink Tea After Eating Fish?

Tea & fish are not a good idea at all! Actually, milk and fish don’t go well with each other in the stomach. And drinking a cup of tea after having fish can load you up with several negative effects.

Ayurveda says that, after you have finished eating a meal of fish, you just wait for some time, for at least 4 to 5 hours in order to avoid any possible side effects. Moreover, these two food items have different compositions, for example — If you’ve had white fish, then it is partly okay to have a cup of tea, but it should be of the best brand available in the country.

And if you have eaten chicken in your meal, then must wait for 4 to 5 hours at least before you drink any milk food item. In simple words, the chemistry of tea and fish is not good as the cooling effect of the water can have adverse effects. To tell the truth, experts of Ayurveda always suggest that it is better to avoid having tea after consuming fish.

Tea & fish, both of them are known for their high content of protein, they are not at all compatible and you should avoid doing the same to not land yourself in some undesirable circumstances.


Therefore, it is better not to drink tea after eating fish, but when it comes to any dietary decision, we recommend you to take advice from or consult a healthcare expert before taking any prudent step. Also, it is extremely essential to consider one’s own digestive sensitiveness when making choices related to food and beverage.

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What Food Items Should I Avoid After Eating Fish?

You must avoid having dairy products like milk, tea, yoghurt or cheese after consuming fish because this slows down the process of digestion. Additionally, you should also avoid having different types of fruits that are rich in acid like lemons, oranges or grapefruits.

What Can I Drink After Consuming Fish?

Healthcare & Ayurvedic experts say that milk food items like yoghurt & buttermilk can cause a problem for your digestive system. Instead, they recommend drinking fresh mineral water in place of fruit juice, soda, etc.

Is It Okay To Consume Coffee After Having Fish?

If your coffee contains milk then you must think twice before drinking it! Honestly, if the pairing of both food items doesn’t cause you any kind of discomfort, then you can freely have both of them.

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