Is Chocos Good For Health? All You Need To Know

Is Chocos Good For Health

You might know about Kellogg’s chocos very well and must have enjoyed it as a breakfast cereal snack, right? It’s an undoubtedly flavourful and tempting breakfast or snack option which is loved by children especially! And I must say that elderly people are also very fond of Kellogg’s chocos.

When I was a kid, I used to request my mother to give me a bowl of chocos immersed in milk for my breakfast every time! And I remember she used to hide it from me in the kitchen closet because I was obsessed with chocos. Also, sometimes I used to eat chocos directly because I liked the fact how crunchy and chocolaty it is! I am sure most of us share the same story, right?

But the question is — Is chocos good for health? Or is it only about its chocolaty taste that people go crazy about it? So, today, we are going to dig deep into this topic and find out if it’s really healthy for our body or not!

What Exactly Is Kellogg’s Chocos?

Kellogg’s chocos is a widespread breakfast cereal that is produced by the Kellogg Company, which is a multinational food manufacturing company. It is popularly known among kids & adults too for its chocolate-flavoured and crunchy texture, which is typically small & square in shape.

Kellogg’s chocos are generally enjoyed with milk and are considered to be a good option for breakfast! This particular product is a part of Kellogg’s broad range of breakfast cereals. Also, it is marketed as a tasty & nutritious breakfast option which can be prepared in just a few minutes.

Chocos is made out of various ingredients such as refined wheat flour, sugar, edible vegetable oil (Palmolein), cereal extract, food colour, additives, artificial flavour, vitamins and minerals.

You might be thinking that — are there any advantages of Kellogg’s Chocos? And, yes, there are a few benefits that you must know!

Advantages Of Kellogg’s Chocos

  • Chocos does contain vitamins & minerals that are considered necessary for the growth and development of a child. 
  • It contains Vitamin C, which helps in boosting immunity and fight back germs & bacteria. Plus, it does not contain any trans fat, which is great! 
  • Chocos have an amazing taste, which is why it is the most preferable breakfast/snack option among people. It acts as a taste enhancer when added to the milk and gets people, especially children, to consume milk, which is essential for the body. 

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Disadvantages Of Chocos That You Must Know

  • Chocos contain a high amount of sugar, which is approx. 9g of sugar in 30g serving. It is one of the prominent ingredients which makes everyone crave it! Eating chocos daily increases the amount of your sugar intake, and excess consumption can result in several serious issues such as obesity, diabetes, weight gain, high blood pressure and inflammation. 
  • Kellogg’s Chocos contains refined wheat flour of about 31%! Refined wheat flour is a result of a huge amount of processing & therefore, it contains very few nutrients. Instead, it contains high amounts of calories, less dietary fibre and other elements.
  • The glycemic index is also high, which can trigger blood sugar levels. Many studies have found that excessive consumption of refined grains often leads to higher chances of chronic ailments like obesity, type-2 diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and beyond. 
  • We often tend to choose breakfast options that can be easy & quick to prepare & that’s why we fall for Kellogg’s chocos! But, chocos is not adequate enough to keep us going as it contains only 10% of fibre, which is not sufficient for the body. Eating a good amount of five makes you feel full for a longer period of time, but that’s not the case with this one! 
  • Kellogg’s Chocos is said to have 10 vitamins & minerals, and it does contain some of them! But the thing is that the amount is not sufficient enough to provide the necessary nutritional value to your body. For instance — it contains vitamin C of about 3mg only, which is not enough! Also, the levels of various nutrients such as zinc, iron, folate, & niacin are too low. 
  • Antioxidants are essential nutrients that help in protecting the cells from toxins or any kind of damage. But none of the good antioxidants are present in chocos! Yes, Butylated Hydroxyanisole (BHA) is a synthetic antioxidant and is not beneficial at all. It is just added in the chocos to protect it from deterioration that might be caused by oxidation.  Consuming this type of synthetic antioxidants can lead to negative impacts on your health, such as rashes, gastrointestinal issues, DNA damage, depression, insomnia, asthma, dermatitis, etc. You will be shocked to know that in many countries like Europe, the UK, California, Canada and Japan, this antioxidant has been banned. Nevertheless, it is still in use in a few countries like India.

So, Is Chocos A Healthy Breakfast Option For Us?

Although, there are a few advantages of eating chocos, however, the truth is that there are a lot of disadvantages that totally overpower its benefits! And it’s not a good idea to consume chocos daily as your breakfast because moderation is the key, and occasional consumption of products like Kellogg’s chocos might not be a cause for concern.

However, it is suggested that you do not make your little ones addicted to having Kellogg’s chocos every time they feel hungry! Serve them only when you feel the need, otherwise you can totally avoid it. Plus, you need to be more aware nowadays of the stuff you are consuming and make the right choices that perfectly align with your health and nutritional objectives.

Final Thoughts

So, what do you think? Well, I think that adding chocos into the milk can make it taste delicious, and the chocolate is what attracts everyone. But the fact is that — it is not as good for your health as you think! Yes, you read that right!

It contains ingredients such as refined wheat flour, sugar, and it also contains an antioxidant named “Butylated Hydroxyanisole”, which is banned in several countries across the globe. So, when are you going grocery shopping? I am just asking to let you know that I think twice before picking up the packet of chocos! There are numerous healthy breakfast options that you can opt for yourself.


Is Eating Kellogg’s Chocos Good For Health?

Kellogg’s Chocos are a popular breakfast meal, but they aren’t the best option and are considered not that healthy to eat! It contains added sugars, food colours, and additives, which makes it unhealthy for the body.

Is Chocos Good For Weight Loss?

The answer is — No! And the reason for this is that in 30g of serving, it contains about 9g of sugar, which is of extremely high value! Moreover, Kellogg’s chocos also has saturated fat in it, which again makes it a bad option for weight loss. Therefore, it can be considered good for gaining weight!

Can I Eat Chocos Everyday?

Honestly, it’s not healthy at all to eat chocos daily because it contains high levels of sugar, which makes it quite difficult for your body to digest. It is considered better to consume dark chocolate as it is less processed. Additionally, consuming chocos with milk can result in heartburn because it can trigger acidity.

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