Is Knorr Soup Healthy? | 5 Reasons Why Considered Unhealthy

Is Knorr Soup Healthy

Winter calls for a warm bowl of delicious soup, isn’t it? It’s so easy to make soups as it requires simple ingredients yet tastes so tempting and relaxing. It acts like a comforting and effortless snack for everyone! They are enjoyed by people all over the world, specifically in the winter & monsoon seasons.

Soups are the healthiest way to soak up all the nutrients from different types of vegetables, legumes or meat. Besides, soups are quite hydrating due to the water content in them, and some studies even state that it makes you feel fuller for a longer period of time.

However, when we feel under the weather or suffer from an illness such as a fever, cough & cold, etc., and do not have the energy to make a proper meal, soup acts as the saviour at that time! And a lot of us prefer instant soup mix (ready-to-make packaged soups), and one of the most renowned brands is — Knorr Soup!

Knorr soups take just a few minutes to prepare; they are super quick and taste amazing! They come in different flavours to satisfy our taste buds, but the question is — are they healthy to consume? In this article, we are going to find out whether this popular soup is good for our health or not! Let’s begin.

Is Knorr Soup Healthy To Consume?

How do you determine if any food product is healthy or unhealthy? Well, you need to check out the ingredients first! Knorr soups generally contain a mix of dehydrated spices, herbs, vegetables and artificial additives as well. The inclusion of preservatives & additives is quite doubtful in terms of it being healthy.

List of ingredients that are in the Knorr Instant Soup

  • Sugar
  • Edible Common Salt
  • Edible Vegetable Fat
  • Refined Wheat Flour
  • Maize Starch
  • Hydrogen is Palm Oil
  • Potato Starch
  • Dehydrated Vegetables
  • Dried Glucose Syrup
  • Anti-Caking Agent
  • Thickener
  • Maltodextrin
  • Sodium Selenite
  • Flavour Enhancer
  • Stabilizers
  • Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein

Top 5 Reasons Why Knorr Soups Are Considered Unhealthy

Knorr soups are definitely yummy and convenient to prepare, but there are specific reasons for them being unhealthy; let’s check them out! 

Added Preservatives & Additives

We all are concerned about the unnecessary inclusion of too many additives and preservatives in every processed food item. These additives encompass anti-cake agents, stabilizers, thickeners, flavour enhancers, etc.

Knorr soups also contain these ingredients, which extends their shelf life and makes them more flavourful, but they are of zero-nutritional value and might have adverse effects on children and even adults. For instance, flavour enhancers can cause insomnia, sleepiness, chest pain, etc.

High Sodium Content

Sodium is considered to be one of the most essential nutrients for the human body because it helps in relaxing the muscles, performing nerve impulses and maintaining the balance of water & minerals. But remember that a certain amount of sodium is important; having too much sodium can result in adverse health effects.

It is said that, on average, approx. 500mg of sodium daily intake is sufficient, but one serving of Knorr soup (12g) contains around 400mg – 600mg, which is more than enough!

Knorr soups contain a good amount of sodium, which can result in many health issues like high blood pressure, stroke & cardiovascular diseases. It is extremely important to focus on your sodium intake, particularly if you are suffering from a medical condition that demands a diet with low sodium.

Usage Of Maize Starch

Maize starch, also known as come starch, is one of the ingredients that is utilized in processed soups to make the consistency quite thick. You must know that maize starch must be consumed in a limited amount, and taking too much of it can result in numerous ailments.

Maize starch is regarded as a refined carbohydrate. It is high in carbs & calories, but there is an absence of essential nutrients such as vitamins, protein, minerals and fibre. Different studies have shown that consuming refined carbs regularly can have a severe effect on your health. Moreover, cornstarch is known to have a high glycemic index, which tends to increase the risk of boosting blood sugar levels.

Contains High Amount Of Sugar

You will often find sugar added to the packaged soups to enhance the flavour and make them more delectable. Many of us might like the sweet taste, but for others, it might be an unpleasant thing to have!

A 100g serving of knorr soup contains approx. 18 to 24g of sugar, which is extremely high. In contrast, one serving contains around 2 – 3g of sugar. Having food items that contain high levels of sugar regularly can result in many health issues like tooth decay, weight gain, inflammation, high blood pressure, etc.

Has Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein

Do you know about Monosodium Glutamate (MSG)? This one is a flavour-enhancing agent, and because of this, in 2015, “Maggi” was banned! Hydrolyzed vegetable protein is similar to MSG, and it includes fancy words like “vegetable protein” to make it sound like it’s healthy.

Nonetheless, it can cause similar health effects on some individuals just like MSG. Many studies claimed that hydrolyzed vegetable protein is a type of MSG which is typically utilized as a substitute for MSG.

Generally, it is considered safe to have, but knorr soup contains approx. 30% MSG. In addition, it is an ingredient that is created in the lab, so there’s no certainty about the type of long-term effects caused in one’s body.

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Bottom Line

When it comes to soups, they are the easiest dish to make in just a few minutes! They are high in essential nutrients and minerals that are necessary for the body. And talking about the Knorr soup, honestly it’s not a healthy option!

Therefore, I would suggest that you should now switch to homemade soups because it helps you to live a healthy life! Soups even encourage you to increase the intake of vegetables or meat that are essential for living a healthy lifestyle. The key to preparing a delicious as well as healthy soup is to pay attention to the ingredients being used!

Soups do have a good amount of water and that’s how it helps you to stay hydrated and unburdened from the stress of wearing out. Soups are easy-to-make, loaded with nutrients, affordable and provide a lot of health benefits! So, what else do you need? Check out our easy-to-make at-home healthy & delicious soup recipes right now!


Can I Consume Knorr Soup When I Am Sick

Yes, you can! A warm bowl of knorr soup can make you feel more comfortable & better in such a situation. It will help you to soothe out and is quite filling. However, it is better to prefer homemade soups when you have a cold or a fever.

Are Knorr Soups Safe To Consume During Pregnancy?

During pregnancy, it is recommended not to have Knorr soups or any type of packaged soups & other food items. You must eat home-cooked food and follow the right diet that your doctor suggests.

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