Is Ketchup A Smoothie?: A Detailed Analysis

Is Ketchup a Smoothie?

Quick Summary: Like most people, you too might have raised the question “If tomato is a fruit, is ketchup a smoothie?” many times. If this question pops up in your mind, as I think, you’re to get an exact answer. Yes, in this article, we’re going to answer the question “Is ketchup a smoothie”, or are they different?

The other day, I found some people dining out on the topic “Is ketchup a smoothie?” The very question, however, has popped up over the internet as a meme, I found this question interesting to answer to. So, through this article, I’ll answer it.

While a tomato is a fruit, and ketchup is a blend of tomatoes in general, a smoothie, on the other hand, is a blend of different fruits. But does that mean a ketchup is nothing but a kind of smoothie? Let’s try to find out the answer to this question.

Before we embark on describing and differentiating the topic “Is ketchup a smoothie?”, let’s get started from the basics first!

What Is Ketchup?

Ketchup, also known as catsup, tends to be a table condiment that has a sweet and sour flavor. In general, the term refers to tomato ketchup, however, the early recipes for different varieties of ketchup contain many other items. These items can be oysters, mussels, mushrooms, grapes, egg whites, walnuts, and the like.

What’s A Smoothie?

Now, let’s understand the definition of a smoothie. A smoothie, on the other hand, is a beverage which is made by puréeing many ingredients in a blender. A smoothie, in general, has a liquid base, for instance, fruit, juice, milk, ice cream, or yogurt.

Some additional ingredients like vegetables, fruits, crushed ice, non-dairy milk, or nutritional supplements also can be added to make smoothies.

Is Ketchup A Smoothie? No! Let’s Understand How & Why!

Whether your question is “Is ketchup a smoothie?’ or “Is tomato sauce a smoothie”, the informative sections of this article mentioned below will answer those in detail. After a basic assessment, let’s come and explore the top factors that differentiate ketchup from smoothies.


Ketchup and smoothies each contain different ingredients, hence, the flavor tends to be different. The ingredients and flavor are the two of the most crucial factors separating ketchup from smoothies.

You may think that ketchup contains only tomato paste, yes it does, but includes many different ingredients too. The tomato paste is blended with sugar, salt, vinegar, and spices, resulting in a kind of amazing savory blend with the delicious flavor of Ketchup.

Smoothies may also include the same ingredients as in ketchup, for instance, concentrated foods such as protein powders, and spices. Besides, smoothies can also have different types of savory and unconventional flavors, but there are some differences.

The key difference between ketchup and smoothies is that smoothies are made to taste good while ketchup is made to get specialized, and desired flavor.


Another term to differentiate ketchup and smoothies is nutrition. Yes, smoothies are nutritious but the ketchup lacks it. As smoothies are meant to be nutritious, they can also be used as a meal replacement, but ketchup isn’t.

Some smoothies may resemble a milkshake, as most of them are made using milk or nutrient-dense ingredients, for instance, vegetables, fruits, and the like. Ketchup, on the other hand, is made with tomatoes, and vinegar, which isn’t beneficial from a health perspective.


Another difference between ketchup and a smoothie is its thickness. Yes, Ketchup is a thick sauce, while a smoothie is a drinkable beverage which one can drink. Similar to most other condiments, ketchup tends to be thicker and can’t be drinkable.

On the other hand, a smoothie happens to be a thick beverage with a liquid base that you can drink easily. The thickness makes ketchup non-drinkable while the smoothies are drinkable and can be drunk with ease and convenience.

Preparation Method

The preparation method also differentiates the two, becoming an answer to the question “Why is ketchup not a smoothie?” Ketchup is made not just by blending raw tomatoes, but by cooking tomatoes. A smoothie is made from fruits and vegetables, blending them into a drinkable beverage.

Ketchup is made by a procedure of cooking and processing tomatoes which means many additional steps involve its preparation. It’s not just blended tomatoes but is made from tomato paste that’s made by thickening tomatoes through cooking and heating.

A smoothie tends to contain dried foods, frozen foods, processed foods, and the like. Besides, it includes certain cooked foods, and tomato paste as an ingredient. A smoothie is a blended drink, while ketchup tends to be a preservable condiment.

Way of Consumption

The way of consumption also separates the ketchup and smoothie. You may buy, or make a smoothie when you need or wish to drink a fresh beverage, a fruity beverage, a sweet beverage, a thick beverage, a protein boost, or an energy boost. And the like.

Besides these, you can also prefer to make or buy a smoothie when you need a food replacement. But, you can’t buy or make ketchup when you wish to have any kind of beverage. However, there may be some who do so but you may not find one in general.

Ketchup Lasts Longer

A smoothie is more likely to be finished in one time. You may have noticed that people who drink smoothies are less likely to make it in large amounts and keep it to consume the next day, or days. The reason for this is that the smoothies can remain fresh for only 24 hours.

But the case with ketchup is different. Ketchup contains white vinegar that has the capability to provide it with a longer shelf life. A ketchup can last up to two years. As long as you keep it in the right place keeping its cap on, your ketchup will last for years.

Conclusion: Is Ketchup a Smoothie?

No! ketchup can’t be a smoothie. It’s not only because of one single reason but there are different reasons separating them apart from each other. The reasons are that ketchup has vinegar content but a smoothie doesn’t have it, a smoothie is cold but ketchup is cooked, and the like.

Besides, being drinkable makes smoothies different from ketchup–as they cannot be drunk. Most of all, ketchup has a longer shelf life while a smoothie can get worse in just 24 hours. That’s all about the answer to the question “Is ketchup a smoothie?”

Hopefully, you’ve got the answer to your question.

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