Laapsi Auspicious Festival Dessert


Laapsi or Fada Laapsi is a traditional sweet delicacy of Gujarat, made for every occasion in that state. Apart from Gujarat, it also plays a significant part in Rajasthani cuisine.

As we know about the war history of Rajasthan, laapsi was prepared during the war as it is easy to cook, requires limited resources, and has plenty of health benefits.

Laapsi or Fada laapsi, or Dalia sheera, is a healthy dessert made using broken wheat, ghee, oil, sugar, dried fruits, and some cardamom pieces.

This dessert has such a rich aroma that it will appeal to your taste buds, and you will want to have more.

The sweet dish that makes anyone’s mouth water is easy to cook and requires limited resources. Follow the steps to cook this delicious dessert.

laapsi in white color bowl.

Auspicious Festival Dessert – Lapsi Recipe

Mansi Akaveeya
A dessert with aromatic flavors made specially during any auspicious festival, pooja, or occasion is very well known as Laapsi, Fada ni Laapsi, or Dalia Sheera. 
Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 30 minutes
Total Time 45 minutes
Course Dessert
Cuisine Indian
Servings 4 people


  • 2 cups Broken wheat
  • 1 ½ cups Sugar
  • 4-5 cups Water
  • 3 tbsp Ghee
  • 1 tbsp Oil
  • 10-20 Raisins
  • 3-4 Cardamom pieces
  • Few almonds, cashew, and pistachio (chopped and soaked)


  • For laapsi, heat the ghee and oil in a non-stick kadhai, and saute cardamom pieces for a minute.
  • Take out the cardamom pieces and put them aside. Add broken wheat to the kadhai with oil and ghee and mix well.
  • On a slow flame, cook the laapsi or cracked wheat for 5-10 minutes or till it turns golden brown.
  • Stir continuously, and don’t let the laapsi stick at the bottom of the kadhai.
  • Add water, stir well, and cook on medium flame until the water starts boiling or bubbling.
  • Add sugar and mix, and let the laapsi turn golden brown.
  • Cook till the broken wheat (laapsi) is done while stirring constantly.
  • Cook until the ghee separates while stirring continuously for 5-8 minutes.
  • Garnish with the chopped almonds, cashew, pistachio, and cardamom pieces.
  • Serve the laapsi hot.


  • Add a generous amount of ghee for roasting the broken wheat (laapsi). This makes the dish more aromatic. 
  • Roast the laapsi on low or medium flame to avoid the burning of laapsi, which will impact the flavors. 
  • You can use jaggery instead of sugar for the healthier version. 
  • If you prepare laapsi in advance, add 1 tbsp ghee and ½ cup milk and stir well. Reheat for 5-8 minutes.
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Doodh Pak, Mohanthal, Laapsi, or fada laapsi is made during auspicious and special occasions like buying a home, a new car, a new job or the birth of a baby, or any memorable experience with the prayers of good luck for the new beginning.

Laapsi, a healthy sweet dish, is made with the main ingredients of broken wheat, ghee, and sugar and seasoned with cardamom and dry fruits. 


What is the difference between Dalia and laapsi?

Dalia is a grain used to make laapsi. Lapsi is a dessert made from broken wheat called Dalia. The Gujarati name of Dalia or cracked wheat is Fada. In Gujarati, this sweet dish is also known as fada laapsi.

What are the other names and ingredients used in laapsi?

This dessert has an age-old significance and is known by many names such as Suji or Rava lapsi (Semolina Laapsi), fada lapsi (broken wheat laapsi), and chana dal lapsi (gram flour laapsi).

What are the health benefits of laapsi?

Lapsi helps to stimulate bowel movement and aid digestion. Broken wheat is an excellent source of iron, magnesium, and fiber.

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