Is Appy Fizz Good for Your Health?

Is Appy Fizz Good For Health

Appy Fizz, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear this name? It’s golden colour, black packaging and who doesn’t remember its famous slogan “Feel The Fizz”, right? Every one of you must be familiar with this popular drink which is produced by “Parle Agro”. In India, Appy Fizz was launched in 2005, and since then, its popularity has grown, specifically among youngsters.

Appy Fizz is enjoyed by many individuals because it has a flavour similar to beer and is quite an attractive bottle! So, how often do you like to feel the fizz with Appy Fizz? Whether you prefer consuming this drink often or like to have it occasionally, you must be aware of whether it’s good for your health!

This carbonated drink might be refreshing, sweet and flavourful, but do you know that it might have some negative points that can cause harm to your body? You must be aware of the potential side effects, and that’s why we are here with this article to let you know about it! So, let’s dive right in!

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What Are The Ingredients In Appy Fizz?

When it comes to the ingredients in Appy fizz, they encompass sugar, preservatives, Apple juice concentrate, acidity regulators, antioxidants, natural flavours & colour and carbon dioxide. We have explained all these ingredients below, let’s check out:


Preservatives can be defined as food additives which are added to any food or drink item to increase their shelf life. In general, soft drinks contain preservatives to restrain bacteria from growing and prevent any kind of deterioration of the drinks.

Apple Juice concentrate

It can be defined as a form of apple juice in a dried & concentrated manner. Apple juice concentrate does contain a few essential nutrients, but only 1.9% of it can be found in Appy Fizz.

Acidity Regulators

This is added to soft drinks in order to keep the acidity & alkalinity of the drink in control. It helps in enhancing the taste and increases the shelf life of the drink. The most common acidity regulators that are utilized in the Appy Fizz drink are Citric acid (INS 330), Malic acid (INS 296), Sodium benzoate (INS 211), Potassium sorbate (INS 202) and Potassium metabisulfite (INS 224).


It is quite common to add antioxidants to soft drinks as it is categorised as a type of food additive. The reason behind adding antioxidants is to prevent or slow down the oxidative deterioration of soft drinks.

Carbon Dioxide

Carbon Dioxide is added to soft drinks because it acts as a natural carbonation agent. CO2 forms chronic acid, which helps in creating the fizz in soft drinks.

Natural Flavours & Colours

These two are acquired from natural sources and are added to soft drinks to enhance their smell, flavour and attractiveness.

Essential Reasons Why Appy Fizz Is Not Good For Your Health

Loaded With Sugar

The first and most important reason to avoid consuming Appy Fizz too often is its high sugar content. A small-sized bottle of Appy Fizz contains approximately 30 teams of sugar, which is equal to eight teaspoons! Consuming too much sugar can cause a lot of side effects, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, inflammation, obesity, heart disease, cavities and more.

Causes Tooth Decay & Cavities

Too much consumption of this drink can deteriorate your oral health. According to some studies, acids & sugar present in soft drinks can harm the tooth enamel and, ultimately, result in decaying of the teeth. Moreover, there’s an increased risk of cavities as well.

Risk Of Diabetes

It’s obvious that consuming something that has a high level of sugar in it can increase the risk of diabetes. According to some studies, regular consumption of sugary drinks can lead to diabetes. Soft drinks such as Appy Fizz are loaded with sugar & when your sugar intake increases, your body comes to be insulin resistant, which means it becomes difficult for the body to process sugars. This results in sugar build-up in the blood and, eventually, leads to diabetes.

Promotes Weight Gain

One of the greatest problems that the world is dealing with right now is gaining unwanted weight and obesity. And drinks like Appy Fizz contribute to weight gain as one bottle of this drink contains 134 calories and 30 grams of sugar. This is not a healthy way to gain weight, and if you are trying to lose weight, then you must definitely refrain yourself from consuming this drink.

Lacks Essential Nutrients

Fizzy and soft drinks are always in the spotlight for lacking essential nutrients. Instead, these drinks are loaded with undesired calories and sugar. The minerals and vitamins are there but in very low amounts, which is not helpful enough!

Fatty Liver Risk

As soft drinks such as Appy Fizz contain high amounts of sugar, they might increase the risk of fatty liver. This can do a lot of damage to the liver! Refined sugar is made up of glucose & fructose. Body cells can smoothly metabolize glucose, and when it comes to fructose, only the liver can metabolize this.

An excess of fructose coming from carbonated drinks can create a huge burden on the liver. The fructose is converted into fat, which accumulates within the liver. Consequently, it can turn into a dangerous liver disease.

Final Thoughts

No doubt Appy Fizz is refreshing and has a unique & flavourful taste, but it cannot be ignored that it is loaded with sugar, preservatives and lacks nutritional value, which makes it unhealthy! Drinking it often or on a regular basis might lead to various health problems, as mentioned above.

It has a lot of negative impacts, and therefore, it’s better to avoid drinking Appy Fizz regularly. If you want to consume it, then we would suggest you consume it in moderation! In addition, what’s better than drinking freshly prepared drinks at your own home, such as ABC Juice, Celery Juice, Coconut Mojito or more. You can check out more healthy drink recipes at Bite N Sip.


Is It Okay To Drink Appy Fizz Every Day?

The sugar content in Appy Fizz is too high, and drinking it daily can result in a lot of health conditions such as obesity, diabetes, fatty liver, etc. It’s recommended to drink in moderation even for healthy individuals.

Is Appy Fizz Alcohol-Free?

Appy Fizz does taste like beer but it doesn’t contain any amount of alcohol.

Is It Safe To Drink Appy Fizz During Pregnancy?

According to some studies, consuming sugary & carbonated drinks like Appy Fizz during pregnancy can result in various complications and therefore, it is better to avoid them at this time.

Can I Drink Appy Fizz During Weight Loss?

The answer is no! Appy fizz contains a great percentage of sugar which cannot help you with your weight loss, but definitely can increase body fat.

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